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Welcome to Luku Fiti, your one-stop destination for finding quality second-hand clothes,shoes and accessories. Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers of thrift merchandise in one place to make buying of apparel online to be simple, safe and reliable. Luku Fiti is creating employment by creating a digital platform where sellers can list their items and earn a living through sales made. On the other hand buyers are given a wide range of carefully thrifted items to purchase and are guaranteed that they are of good quality and lastly a secure mode of payment.  At Luku Fiti you can shop with confidence and conscience. Come and visit us today and discover the treasures that await you.     



If you are a seller and use channel such as; Facebook , Instagram or other channels to advertise your products, Luku Fiti is an extra place for you to showcase your products and a chance for you to increase sales volume.     

Why Should I sell or buy from luku fiti       

1.Our Items are vetted before approval and we can therefore guarantee quality of our products    

2.Our Vendors are verified with their National IDs or Passport to Minimize cases of stolen Items being sold on our Platform       

3. Refund Guarantee, Incase you buy products from our website that fail to meet your threshold in terms of quality, We will refund you fully if you report the matter within 3 days of Receiving the items.       


We receive payment on behalf of our vendors, Once the vendor deliver the order, we wait for 3 days to send the money to the vendor, this is to enable us confirm that the buyer is satisfied with the Items,       

How do I start Selling Thrift on Luku Fiti?    
 You need to create a Vendor account by registering as a vendor then you will be allowed to bring your items to our store for verification. Once they pass the verification process, they will remain at our store waiting to be purchased. The vendor reserves the right to collect his items from our store after giving prior notice after which the items will be delisted from the platform.         
How Much Commission do you charge?  We charge a 20% Commission       

Who delivers to clients?  

Once an order is made on the digital platform, Luku Fiti will handle all logistics and ensure that the client receives the order on time and in perfect condition. The Client will incur any financial cost incurred during delivery.       

How do I get paid?   
Once an order has been placed the client will make payment to the escrow account,once the order has been fulfilled you will receive you payment less our commission on your registered M-pesa number or bank account given during registration as a vendor.       

Are you duly Registered?   
Yes , Luku Fiti is a duly registered Business with the registrar of Companies and is therefore governed by the laws of Kenya as it is incorporated in Kenya.    

For more Queries please contact us or book and appointment with one of our assistants.